Portfolio Recovery Associates Sued Me. What Should I Do Now?

Dec 15, 2021 | Blogs

If you’ve received a debt collection notice from Portfolio Recovery Associates (PRA), you may be wondering what this organization is and what rights they have over your debts. Many consumers are unfamiliar with PRA until the organization begins contacting them about debt collection.

PRA is a legitimate debt collection agency that purchases debts from other companies and organizations. Unfortunately, this agency often uses questionable business practices such as aggressive tactics, including harassment, to collect debts from consumers.

If PRA has begun contacting you or even sued you for your debt, you may feel overwhelmed and unsure of your next steps. Read on to learn more about PRA, your rights as a consumer, and how our consumer lawyer team at The Santos Law Offices, PA, can help.

What Is PRA?

PRA is a significant debt collection organization that purchases consumer debts from lenders and companies throughout the United States. This agency purchases debts from financial institutions for less than the full debt amount, then uses debt collection tactics to obtain the money from consumers while adding interest and fees.

PRA often obtains debts from agencies that have tried and failed to collect the debt from the consumer in the past. While you may feel tempted to ignore PRA’s attempts to communicate with you, you should understand that PRA will not stop contacting you until you pay back your debt.

Why Did My Original Creditor Sell My Debt?

Creditors sell consumer debt to other debt collection agencies for a variety of reasons. Your creditor may have sold your debt to PRA because:

  • It tried and failed to collect your debt
  • It does not have the resources to continue chasing your debt
  • It would rather receive partial payment from a debt collector than continue chasing your debt

Whatever the case, if your creditor has sold your debt to PRA, it has probably already spent time trying to collect the debt from you. As a result, you can expect PRA’s debt collection tactics to be more aggressive and forceful than those of your previous creditor.

Can PRA Garnish My Wages?

If PRA has sued you for your debt, it may attempt to garnish your wages to repay the money you owe. Wage garnishment is the process of requiring your employer to withhold a specific amount of money from your paycheck and send it to the creditor to repay your debt over time.

PRA can request that the court issue a judgment against you that requires your wages to be garnished to repay your debt. If PRA has sent you a notice that it is suing you, it may be attempting to begin this judgment against you. Contacting our civil litigation attorney team is an essential step in receiving a positive outcome from your judgment case.

Should I Deal with PRA Alone?

We recommend against attempting to deal with PRA on your own. As we have mentioned, PRA uses aggressive tactics and will not stop contacting you until you settle your debt. Attempting to deal with this agency alone could lead you to unknowingly give up your rights as a consumer and receive harsher penalties than you should reasonably receive.

Instead, we recommend contacting our consumer protection lawyer team as soon as you receive any communication from PRA. We can help you evaluate PRA’s claim against you and understand your rights before taking any action.

Do I Have Any Recourse if PRA Violates the FCCPA?

The Florida Consumer Collection Protection Act (FCCPA) protects consumers against unlawful debt collection practices. This act is similar to the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act.

The FCCPA prohibits debt collectors from using any threatening force or violence in their attempts to collect the money you owe. When a creditor such as PRA violates the FCCPA, it can receive severe penalties, such as statutory damages, punitive damages, and injunctions.

If you believe PRA has violated the FCCPA, you may have reason to seek legal action. We recommend discussing your concerns with our team to determine if PRA is in the wrong.

Contact The Santos Law Offices, PA, to Defend Your Rights Against PRA

Receiving notice of legal action from PRA can be stressful and overwhelming, which is why it is vital that you approach the situation strategically and not make any quick judgments.

Working with our knowledgeable consumer law attorney team at The Santos Law Offices, PA, can help you receive a fair outcome from your debt collection case and uphold your rights as a consumer under the FCCPA. You can trust our team to provide approachable, friendly law services throughout your case.

At The Santos Law Offices, PA, our team will defend your rights and stop creditor harassment. You do not have to deal with your debt alone. We offer free consultations, including Saturday consults by appointment. We will do this call over the phone or Zoom for your convenience, so you don’t have to deal with traffic or parking.

If you prefer a face-to-face meeting with a civil lawyer, you can schedule an appointment in our law firm’s Miami or Orlando offices. We also speak Spanish. Call us at The Santos Law Offices, PA in Miami or Orlando today at (305) 417-4111 or fill out our contact form for legal advice from a civil lawyer.

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