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If you are in the United States illegally, you likely live in fear of the police. You know that even a minor traffic violation can lead to deportation proceedings. That fear can prevent you from contacting law enforcement when you’re the victim of a crime. However, the United States government offers U visas for victims of qualifying criminal activity. With this visa, you can stay in the United States and seek justice for the pain and suffering you experienced at the hands of the offender.

The federal government allows up to 10,000 U visas to be issued each year. With so few visas available, contacting a South Florida U visa attorney for help is critical.

Eligibility Requirements for a U Visa

The USCIS has requirements in place for obtaining a U visa. You must:

  • Have been the victim of a qualifying criminal activity that violated U.S. laws or occurred in the United States 
  • Suffered mental or physical abuse due to the crime 
  • Have information to help law enforcement 
  • Report the crime and aid law enforcement 
  • Be admissible to the U.S. or submit a waiver request

Requirement For Helping Law Enforcement

Being the victim of a qualifying crime isn’t enough to obtain a U visa. You must also help law enforcement. That begins by calling the police to report the crime. You must tell the police what happened and answer all of their questions. Also, the officers might request photographs. If you don’t consent, the USCIS can deny your application. 

If you know the person who committed the crime, you need to disclose that information. Also, you’ll likely be required to talk to a prosecutor and testify in court. As long as you are helpful and do what law enforcement asks, you should meet this requirement.

Waiver For Inadmissibility

If you aren’t admissible to the United States, you will need to file Form I-192, Application for Advance Permission to Enter as a Nonimmigrant. The government often grants waivers for U visa applicants, even those with criminal histories. You will also need a waiver if you’ve broken immigration laws, such as returning to the U.S. after deportation. In addition, you can apply for a waiver if you have a serious infectious disease.

Your U visa lawyer in South Florida can review your case to determine if a waiver is needed. If so, your attorney can file the paperwork and supporting evidence to help you obtain a waiver so you can get a visa and stay in the country.  

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How Long Does A U Visa Last?

If you’re granted a U visa, it will last for four years. However, you can apply for a Green Card after holding the U visa for three years. If you are granted a Green Card, your South Florida U visa lawyer can help you through the naturalization process if you wish. Then, you will have all the same rights as all citizens, and you cannot be deported. Speak to your lawyer about all of your options if you want to stay in the country permanently. 

What If The Us Has Reached The Limit For U Visas?

Because the U.S. only issues 10,000 U visas a year, it’s possible that the limit will be reached when you apply. However, you won’t be deported. Instead, you’ll be issued a deferred action to prevent deportation and placed on a waiting list. As long as your U visa petition is pending, the country will not deport you. Then, when new U visas are available, you can get approved.

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